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Forestry Mulcher Whit Fxced Tooth Rotor (UML/DT) Or Swinging Hammer Rotor (FML/DT).


A hight production forestry mulcher with the strength to mulch bushes,crop residue, and trees up to maximum 25 cm in diameter. The UML/Dt has a compact size and heavy duty construction making it an ideal solusion for many diferent applications. The dual transmission.

allows for better power distribution,giving the mulcher better menchanical advantage when working in heavy material.


Standard Equipment

  • PTO shaft (FML/Dt)
  • PTO shaft with cam clutch (UML/DT)
  • Gearbox with freewhel
  • Transmission with belts in XPB
  • Hydraulic rear hood (FML/DT : by means of two cylinders)
  • Welded steel couter -blades
  • Adjustable skids
  • Enclosed machinebody
  • protection chains


  • Frontal attachment
  • Extended 3 point linkage
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Mechanical push frame
  • Special skids to go underground (UML/DT)
  • Different teeth (UML/DT)




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