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Main Benefits
High Brightness – 100lm/w. 10 times than incandescent lamps.
Long Life – Up to 50,000 hours.
Robust Design – Shock and vibration resistant.
Eco-Friendly – No leads, mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases
Save Money – Reduce maintain and electricity cost. Save 50% – 70% electricity cost comparing with traditional sodium and mercury lamp.
High Efficiency – Power factor>95%.
Excellent Photometric Design – No ill glare, abrupt or frequent flashes
Perfect Combination With solar Energy System

Light Distribution Curve

Products Size Diagram

LSL0735-750LD LED Street Lights / LSL0736-910LD LED Street Lights


Technical Parameters

Features a high purity aluminum reflector, housing
power LEDs; high efficiency imported LED driver

City streets, pavements,squares, schools, parks, yards, residential areas, factories and other places where lighting is needed


Powerful LEDs (20W-60W) are adopted as the light source, packaged in our factory using our own patented technology.

Uses an innovative design in integrating the heat sink and housing; The LED module uses a proprietary method of transferring heat to the heat sink which features wings to take advantage of cross ventilation. This heat dissipation ensures the usable life of 50,000 hours of the LED, which based upon 12 hours working each day results in a life span of over 10 years

The housing is made of die cast aluminum alloy to dissipate heat in an effective way and prevent water and dust from damaging the interior. The luminaire is IP65 rate
treated to provide resistance to ultraviolet and corrosion.

Our purpose designed reflectors allow us to determine the light distribution characteristics of our various models, ensuring greater light uniformity and utilization ratio. When compared to a conventional sodium light, an equivalent LED light can use 70% less electricity.

With no adverse glare or flicker, LED light eliminate vision fatigue and distraction when compared to traditional lights, thus providing a saver lighting solution to drivers.

Unlike traditional high power street lights which require time to achieve full power, LED street lights feature instant on at full power and instant off.

LED lights are environmentally friendly both in production and in use. LED’s do not contain lead or mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases. Nor do they emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

Our LED lights are an excellent partner for a solar panel sys tem. We manufacture low voltage lights operating with direct current specifically for this application and our lights are frequently used by clients, who require a reliable, environmentally friendly, cost effective lighting solution in locations where mains power is not available.


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